Q & A with Paul Donnelly – Head Chef, Ms G’s

Paul Donnelly

Chef Paul Donnelly hails from Glasgow but these days he heads up Ms G’s in Potts Point.  Though he loves his (food) heritage, he also loves Asian flavours.

We caught up with Paul to get his take on his favourite places to visit in Sydney and to find out what he’s most looking forward to at March into Merivale!

Q: Where do you go to get a great cup of coffee (or tea if you’re not a latte lover)?

Henley’s Whole Foods in my apartment, they do great coffee.

Q: If you could only eat one last meal on this earth, where and what would it be?

I would eat haggis, mashed potatoes and mashed turnips!  I have to! It’s my heritage and I don’t eat it often.  But, when I do, I’m in heaven.

Q: Please share with us your 5 all time favourite restaurants or bars in Sydney.

  1. Kashiwa Yakiniku is so good, the marinades are packed with flavour and the meat quality is extraordinary for the price point.
  2. Golden Century because it’s a place to go with fellow chefs and generally have a great time eating fresh live seafood.
  3. Khao Pla is probably Sydney’s best Thai restaurant (in my eyes), everything is on another level.  It’s a great price point and exceptional ingredients.
  4. El Loco is a great bar to drink at and eat tacos.  We used to go there every weekend and we had the best time.
  5. Palmer & Co. is probably my favourite bar.  It’s classy and they have great food.

Q: If you had visitors in town, where would be the first place you’d take them to dine and/or drink?

Ormeggio, Lumi Dining or Bennelong – amazing food and great locations to see Sydney’s views.

Q:  Where do you buy your produce in Sydney?

For home cooking it varies.  If I’m cooking Thai I usually go to Pon Tip on Campbell Street – they have loads of fresh food.

Q:  What inspired your passion for food and what does food mean to you?

Food means everything to me.  It’s my livelihood, my passion.  I wake up in the middle of the night and the first thing I think of is “How can I make this dish better’.

Q:  What do you want your ‘food’ legacy to be?

To be known as an ‘Asian White Boy’.

Q:  Tell us something not many people know about you!

I am a Werewolf. [Note:  we have yet to substantiate this claim.]

Q:  What event are you most looking forward to at March into Merivale this year?

I can’t wait for Between Two Buns – all my mates are involved and I have some family attending as well so it’ll be fun.

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