Pasta Basics Cooking Class @ Salt Meats Cheese

On Sunday’s at Salt Meats Cheese, Manu and Sarah from Manu & Sarah’s Kitchen are hosting Italian cooking classes.  What a perfect setting to host a cooking class, right in the middle of a gourmet produce warehouse.

I was invited along to the Pasta Basics Cooking Class and was assured by the end of the lesson I would be a pasta making pro.

Salt Meats Cheese

Salt Meats Cheese

Salt Meats Cheese

It was evident as soon as I met Manu and Sarah they are passionate cooks and this passion comes through in their class.

I take my place at the table, along with 4 other pasta novices and we begin to learn the secrets to making traditional Italian fresh pasta.

Salt Meats Cheese

We first watch Manu, a seasoned Italian cook, making pasta dough and we listen carefully to her tried and tested tips and tricks.

Pasta Basics Cooking Class

Soon enough it is our turn.

As we begin to beat our eggs in our flour well and move on to kneading our dough, Manu and Sarah keep their expert eyes on us.  It is wonderful to have such personal, hands on training and the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Salt Meats Cheese

Salt Meats Cheese

Salt Meats Cheese

Once we have created the perfect pasta dough, they are lovingly left to rest.

Salt Meats Cheese

Our resting pasta dough.  Mine’s the green one!

Meanwhile, we get to the business of the pasta machine.

Manu and Sarah teach us how to roll pre-dried dough through the machine.  Before long, it is time for us to practice.

I am pleased to realise using the pasta machine is nowhere near as hard as I had imagined and I am rolling the dough like a pro in no time!

Salt Meats Cheese

Next up, we learn how to make pasta shapes and to feed the dough through the cutting attachment of the pasta machine.  Now we’re getting somewhere!

Salt Meats Cheese

Salt Meats Cheese\

Salt Meats Cheese

By the end of the class,  we are well on the way to be becoming pasta making pros.  Learning from the experts, through touch and feel, has indeed proved the perfect way to learn this technique.

As the lesson ends, we are presented with our pasta dough to take home for further practice.

Salts Meats Cheese

Precious cargo  – my pasta dough

Inspired by my new found skills, when I return home, I break open my pasta machine and spend the afternoon rolling out and cutting my hand-made pasta.  Check out my handy work!

My hand-made pasta

Of course, goes without saying what I had for dinner that night!  Yummy!  How can I ever eat dried pasta again?

What a wonderful afternoon spent learning how to make fresh pasta.  Why not book in for a lesson and become a pasta making pro yourself!

Click here for cooking class availability and to book.

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Salt Meats Cheese, 41 Bourke Road, Alexandria
+61 2 9690 2406

Salt Meats Cheese website

Manu & Sarah’s Kitchen website

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