Cheers to 2016 & celebrate spontaneity with Chandon! (sponsored post)


Absolutely loving this campaign #livelifeunplanned and felt it would bring some great inspiration to us all for 2016.

Such a beautiful, inspirational message and vibe!  Urban Chic Guides was really born out of our belief that food and wine brings people together, and coming together is such an important part of life.  It’s a time when moments are shared, friendships are cemented, families are brought closer, dreams are imagined and partnerships are celebrated.


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If we think about all the incredible happenings across our life, food and wine always feature. When anything great or unforgettable or disastrous or joyful or shocking or unbelievable happens, our first move is to edge closer to the fridge in search of bubbles or to plan a night out in search of bubbles, am I right?

We’ve always subscribed to the mantra that each and every moment of every day should be savoured.  That life should be attacked with reckless abandon. That dreams should be fought for. That the people you love should be kept close, cared for and protected with unashamed ferocity.  That you should remember each and every day that you are in control of your destiny. That we get one shot and that one shot we will take, and shake the heck out of it.


So, Happy New Year to you all (in the most gushing of tones).  Forget about your expanded waistline over the festive season, celebrate it as an investment in your life, in your happiness, worth making.

Live life.  Breathe it in.  Enjoy every mouthful, every sip and every smile that goes with it.


Oh, and be sure to check out the Chandon Instagram account for inspiration for living life unplanned and why not share your own moments using the hashtag #livelifeunplanned

Cheers and here’s to 2016, full of great plates, great glasses and unforgettable moments.

Images & video courtesy of Chandon.

* This sponsored feature is brought to you in partnership with Chandon.  All thoughts and words are the authors own.  We thank you for supporting our partners who make Urban Chic Guides possible!