Sydney Australia Day Guide 2014

Australia Day Guide 2014

‘Tis a time for patriots.  For openly sharing our love of this sun streaked land.  For beer, thongs, snags and cricket.  Whether you’re an Aussie or an honorary Aussie, we’ll embrace you in A-straya, so don your green and gold and let’s get into it. Here are some of our top picks to eat, drink and raise a glass in our Nations honour this Australia Day:

  • Bucket List
    The Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach / +61 2 9365 4144
    This iconic Bondi Beach bar is embracing all things Aussie – lamb, snags, prawns, pavlova and Beer!
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  • Ivy
    330 George Street, Sydney / +61 2 9240 3000
    Ivy are hosting an Australia Day Courtyard Party!  With cheap drinks and a massive DJ line up, it’s sure to be a huge party.
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  • Ravesis
    118 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach / +61 2 9365 4422
    The ultimate Bondi Beach bar will be hosting live music this Australia Day.
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  • Manly Wine
    8-13 South Steyne, Manly / +61 2 8966 9000
    With oceans views and DJ’s playing Aussie hits, it’s the perfect place to kick back sandy feet and all.
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  • Watson’s Bay Beach Club
    1 Military Road, Watson’s Bay / +61 2 9337 5444
    Watson’s Bay Beach Club is hosting an ‘All Aussie’ event on Australia Day.  There will be beach cricket, in their words an ‘epic Aussie BBQ’ and live entertainment.
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  • The Argyle
    18 Argyle Street, The Rocks / +61 2 9247 5500
    The Argyle is hosting an Australia Day Long Weekend.  With a great DJ line up, drinks specials and an Aussie BBQ.
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  • Firefly Neutral Bay
    24 Young Street, Neutral Bay / +61 2 9909 0193
    Firefly is hosting ‘The Big Sizzle’.  Not your average BBQ, they’re putting on gourmet sausages and craft beer.  Noice.
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  • Manly Wharf Bar
    Manly Wharf, East Esplanade / +61 2 9977 1266
    Featuring hot DJ’s, a BBQ on the jetty and cheese and vegemite pizzas.
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  • The Rocks
    The Rocks, Sydney 
    The Rocks are holding a free Summer Street Festival with live entertainment and even a paddle pool!  Now that’s ozzie.
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  • Darling Harbour
    Darling Harbour, Sydney / +61 2 9240 8500
    Darling Harbour hosts the Nations biggest Harbour-side party with free entertainment and fireworks.
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  • Haviana Australia Day Thong Challenge – Bondi Beach
    Bondi Beach / +61 2 400 123 456
    Bring along your inflatable thong and participate in a world record attempt for the biggest chain of inflatable air beds.  What could be more Australian than that?
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  • Join an Australia Day cruise
    Sydney Adventure Cruises / +61 2 9818 6111
    Don your best Australian outfit, grab some friends and head out on Sydney Harbour to soak up the sunshine.  They’re even putting on a BBQ for you.
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  • Host your own backyard BBQ!
    Let’s not forget the ultimate way to celebrate Australia Day – host your own barbie!  Throw in some backyard cricket, a few snags on the BBQ (don’t forget the tomato sauce), a Pav for dessert and you’ve got yourself a traditional Aussie barbie. (Note: there are no shrimps going on the barbie.  And, if there were, they would be prawns, not shrimp.  Just to be clear.)

Now, lets hear it:  ‘Ozzie ozzie ozzie – oy oy oy’!

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