Founder & Publisher Shannon Cremer (left) attending the Urban Vineyard Event

Who am I?

Urban Chic Guides is a website for adventurous eaters, curated by Shannon Cremer.  

I am your new BFF (Best ‘Foodie’ Friend).  

Think of me as your well connected, well fed and well heeled foodie friend, providing you with Insta worthy recommendations on where to eat and drink in Sydney, with some gourmet travel thrown in for good measure.  Truth be told I travel to eat.  Is there any other way?

I eat high and low to bring you discerning dining advice you can trust.

I personally taste test every restaurant and stay at every hotel I recommend to ensure I serve you honest content.

My bar is set higher than Harrry’s pants (get it?!).  Unlike some other sites, I do not feature every restaurant, bar or hotel in town.  I filter my recommendations.  Put simply, I recommend the best of the best so you’ll never have to drink a lack lustre latte or stay at a sub standard hotel again.

Who are you?

I know you.

You like to eat, drink and travel, but you like to do it in style.  You want good quality all the way.  You know when your pasta’s cooked al dente, you appreciate the perfect brew (and/or tea for that matter) and you certainly don’t drink cask wine, in fact you won’t even use it for cooking.

You don’t have much free time so what you do have, you want to spend wisely.  You want to get straight to the source and you want to get there in a few short clicks.  You want trusted recommendations and you want them at the snap of a finger.

Boy oh boy, have I got you covered.

How does it work?

My rating system is simple.  I focus on fare (or booze if that’s the offering), service and ambience.  I keep it straightforward.  If it doesn’t meet my high expectations on all fronts it’s simply not featured.

At the end of the day I always ask myself one simple question:  ‘Would I recommend this [restaurant/bar/hotel] to my friends?’.  The answer must always be yes to be featured on Urban Chic Guides.

I only feature what I can’t stop raving about for all the right reasons.  Life’s too short for negativity.

Apart from my Sydney Restaurant & Bar Reviews, I also feature:

  • Top 10 Lists
    My popular Top 10 Series count down the best of the best in each category.  From best breakfasts, to best restaurants in Surry Hills, to best degustations and much more.  My lists are constantly updated to ensure I always serve you current content.
  • Hot New Tables
    Here I list the hottest new restaurant and bar openings around town.  An easy way to stay on top of the latest new openings in Sydney.
  • What’s on
    The best Sydney foodie events are featured in my What’s On category.
  • Gourmet Gossip
    A round up of tasty Sydney news.
  • Travel
    My travel articles always have a gourmet focus. Keep an eye on my Foodies Guides to be sure you always eat and drink in style when you travel.
  • Restaurant Directory
    Let me work out where you’re having dinner tonight!  Search my personal recommendations by Location, Cuisine or Feature.  A handy way to search my reviews to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Want to find the best restaurants in Potts Point?  Bang.  Or, maybe you’re looking for the best Japanese restaurants?  I’ve got you covered.

Editorial Policy

I visit most of the restaurants, bars and hotels I review unannounced and I pay for my meals and accomodation out of my own pocket.

However, sometimes I am invited as a guest of a venue.  In that case, I research every venue before accepting an invitation.  Only those who have good word of mouth, positive online reviews and who seem a good fit for the Urban Chic Guides audience are accepted.  Sadly, many invitations are declined.

Even if an invitation is accepted there is no guarantee that the venue will be featured on Urban Chic Guides.  I have in the past and no doubt will in the future experience a hosted meal or stay that does not live up to my ultra high standards.  In that case, it is simply not featured, no matter how much Champagne may be poured.  I only feature what I can’t stop raving about for all the right reasons.   I maintain my editorial credibility at all costs.

Should I be invited as a guest of a venue I will disclose this at the bottom of each post.  However, rest assured my reviews are always my honest and unbiased opinion – free food or not.

From time to time, I might bring you insights from products and brands I love, but only those I think YOU’D be interested in.  These features will be clearly marked at the bottom of each post ‘Brought to you in partnership with’.  I thank you for supporting the partners who make Urban Chic Guides possible.

Click here for more information about partnership opportunities with Urban Chic Guides.

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Meet Shannon Cremer, Founder & Publisher of Urban Chic Guides

About Urban Chic Guides

Shannon Cremer, Founder & Publisher, Urban Chic Guides

Food, wine and travel are three of my greatest passions.

It’s fair to say I have spent the majority of my free time eating and entertaining my way through the globe’s greatest cities. When I’m not busy planning dinners and events and consulting to some of the world’s top and most discerning CEO’s, that is.  Many an event venue has been found and restaurant recommendation lovingly penned by my hand and thus, Urban Chic Guides was born.

I believe wholeheartedly in foods ability to bring people together, to share and connect and it is this passion that drives Urban Chic Guides.  Watch this space and get your appetites ready!

Follow my adventures on Instagram @shannoncremer

I’d love you to join me on my foodie adventures!  You can join my foodie clan here.