About Urban Chic Guides


Who are we?

Urban Chic Guides is your little black e-guide to the top spots to eat & drink in Sydney.  

Think of us as your well connected friends, providing you with our personal recommendations on where to eat and drink in Sydney.

This is a Food Blog with a difference.  No clutter, no junk, just straight to the meat (pun intended).

We are not just bringing you what we ‘like’ we are bringing you what’s ‘superior’, based on an educated criteria.

We take an impartial, well-informed approach to breaking down the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Put simply, we recommend the best of the best so you’ll never have to drink a lacklustre latte again.


Who are you?

We know you.

You like to eat and drink, but you like to do it in style.  You want good quality all the way.  You know when your pasta’s cooked al dente, you appreciate the perfect brew (and/or tea for that matter) and you certainly don’t drink cask wine, in fact you won’t even use it for cooking.

You don’t have much free time so what you do have, you want to spend wisely.  You want to get straight to the source and you want to get there in a few short clicks.  You want trusted recommendations and you want them at the snap of a finger.

Boy oh boy, have we got you covered.


How does it work?

Our rating system is simple.  We focus on fare (or booze if that’s the offering), service, location and ambience.  We keep it straightforward.  If it doesn’t meet these simple criteria and is not somewhere we would personally recommend to our friends, it’s not featured.

We only feature what we can’t stop raving about, for all the right reasons.

Apart from our Restaurant & Bar Reviews, we also feature:

Should we be invited to dine or drink as a guest we will disclose this at the bottom of each post.  However, rest assured the opinions expressed in our reviews are always our honest opinion – free food or not.  Should a restaurant not be up to our standards, it is not featured.

From time to time we will bring you insights from products and brands we love, but only those we think YOU’D be interested in.  These features will be clearly marked at the bottom of each post ‘Brought to you in partnership with’.  Thank you for supporting our partners who make Urban Chic Guides possible.


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Meet Shannon Cremer, Founder & Editor of Urban Chic Guides

Foodie, wine enthusiast and serial traveler.

It’s fair to say Shannon has spent the majority of her free time eating and entertaining her way through the globe’s greatest cities. When she’s not busy planning dinners and events and consulting to some of the world’s top and most discerning CEO’s, that is.  Many an event venue has been found and restaurant recommendation lovingly penned by her hand and thus, Urban Chic Guides was born.

Shannon believes wholeheartedly in foods ability to bring people together, to share and connect and it is this passion that drives Urban Chic Guides.  Watch this space and get your appetites ready.

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