Top 10 Coffee Spots in Sydney

| April 20, 2015

You might know by now that our life pretty much revolves around what’s in our cup.  Whether it be a great glass of wine, an interesting cocktail, a bespoke beer or, as we discuss here, the holy grail – coffee.

Sooooo good when it’s good and sooooo bad when it’s bad.  One of life’s simple pleasures and yet just not worth having if it’s not done right.

We want just the right amount of flavour, bitterness and essence.  We want to TASTE the coffee, we want to taste the exoticness of the beans.  We want (if you so choose) milk that’s not boiled, sour, hot to the touch or overpowering.  We want the right sized cup, simple no?  (Mug-o-cino’s need not apply…insert shudder).

Call us coffee snobs, call us whatever you like, we love our coffee and after we put these Top 10 sipping spots through their paces, they came out trumps.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Check out the best coffee experiences here, in no particular order.

  1. The Reformatory Caffeine Lab
    Shop 7B, 17-51 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills
    For the coffee connoisseur.  If you’re serious about your coffee, you’re going to love this experimental coffee lab.  Sourcing and roasting their own beans and providing a different take on the humble latte, this is not to be missed.
    Read more about The Reformatory Caffeine Lab
  2. Reuben Hills
    61 Albion Street, Surry Hills
    Above the warehouse interior of Reuben Hills cafe, lies some pretty serious coffee roasting equipment.  You may be interested in attending a free coffee cupping session at 10 am each Friday, where you can taste experimental bean roastings.
    Read more about Reuben Hills
  3. Single Origin Roasters
    60-64 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills
    The original Surry Hills coffee spot, roasting their own beans since 2003.  These guys are serious about their coffee.  Plus, they also have an online shop, should you be looking to stock up on beans for home.
    Single Origin Roasters website 
  4. Anvil Coffee Co.
    Kirribilli Commuter Wharf, Holbrook Avenue, Kirribilli
    Situated right on the Kirribilli Ferry Wharf you will find this charming coffee spot.  Serving up top notch coffee and fresh and hearty food along with its stunning water views.  Add to that friendly service – what’s not to love?
    Read more about Anvil Coffee Co.
  5. Coffee Alchemy
    24 Addison Road, (corner of Cook Rd and Addison Rd), Marrickville 
    This humble suburban cafe has won numerous awards.  Let’s just say they sure know coffee.  They roast their own beans  and yes, you can buy them.
    Coffee Alchemy website 
  6. Gumption
    Shop 11, The Strand Arcarde, Sydney
    Your ultimate cbd coffee spot.  Brought to us by Coffee Alchemy.  Seriously good.
    Read more about Gumption
  7. Sample Coffee
    118 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
    Hole in the wall serving consistently good coffee with friendly service.
    Sample Coffee website
  8. TopHat Coffee Merchants
    313 Clovelly Road, Clovelly
    This charming Clovelly local is serving up top quality brews, along with friendly service.
    Read more about TopHat Coffee Merchants
  9. John Smith Cafe
    1 John Street, Waterloo
    These three chaps are serving up serious brews at their charming Waterloo coffee shop.  Along with a healthy dose of good old fashioned hospitality.
    Read more about John Smith Cafe
  10. Bar Indigo
    15 Cross Street, Double Bay 
    A long standing Double Bay favourite, this spot is always buzzing.  Serving up seriously quality coffee (well worth the wait for a table on weekends) along with some pretty tasty nosh.
    Read more about Bar Indigo

* Note: We regularly review our Top 10 series so you can rest assured we will always recommend the hottest and most current top spots in our Top 10.  No-one wants outdated information.  Don’t worry.  We have our finger on the pulse.

Post last reviewed on 20 April 2015

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