Urban Chic Guides welcomes the opportunity to connect with brands, products and services that are well aligned to our brand and our target market.

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Our aim is solely to increase the experience for our audience through relationships of mutual benefit.

There are a number of ways potential partners can work with Urban Chic Guides.  However we often think it’s best to tailor to you based upon your needs and those of our audience, so don’t worry, we don’t take a one size fits all approach.

Some of our partnership opportunities include:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Display Advertising Banners
  • Ambassorships
  • Event attendance
  • Expert Blogger Services
  • Competitions
  • Requesting a review
    (However we cannot be bought no matter how much champagne may be poured, our reviews are honest, unbiased and impartial in all respects.  Note:  Requesting a review does not guarantee a feature on Urban Chic Guides.  We only write about what we can’t stop raving about for all the right reasons.)

We will never disclose our subscriber information, however should we feel your brand, product or service would be well received by our lively clan then we are open to working with you to identify the appropriate channel to make an introduction.

For more information or to receive our Media Kit, please contact Shannon Cremer, Founder & Editor of Urban Chic Guides at